Home Services Company Gallery Contact 1.888.469.0471 The Most Important Person In Our Company Is You.                                                                           Our company motto always have been, “Customer is the most important person of all”.           We know that we are in charge of helping to achieve our customers dreams and needs. And we know also, that we have to do the best possible, so those needs and dreams, be achieved at the best price possible also. By experience we have learned that, practicing   the following steps, it is possible to deliver high quality service:  •	Honesty - Be honest all the time, no matter what, and in any circumstance. •	Contact -  Keep our customer always informed, regarding what is happening with his project. •	Respect - Respect & protect, our customer properties and time. •	Polite - Be polite, talk polite & ask polite with our customer. •	Cleanliness - Work & keep the work area, the cleanest possible. •	Deliver - Always try to deliver more, for the money our customer is paying.                                        Robert E Salais Construction Lic. C-33 B #612457 11432 South St  #231 Cerritos CA. 90703   We have been in business for more than 30 years, and our business always has been, what we call, customer oriented, meaning that, we always keep and try, the full satisfaction of our customer. Probably that’s one of the main reasons why we have been for so long in this business. However we want to express first, thanks to our LORD, and next to all our appreciated customers, that we have served during all this years, we hope and trust in the LORD, that we can serve you, as well as we have serve all our past customers. Next we have added some links, so you can find out more about us:  California State License Board Here you can find, all about the status of our license, as well as all the insurances and bonds, attach to our license, or any other contractor license. Here you will find also advice in what procedures to follow, when you hire a licensed contractor By Robert E Salais Construction Texture-Coating.com Expert Texture Coating Installers
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